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 1968 Lotus Turbine update kit, includes a new upper body and nose, accurate tires, new hubs and knock off spinners, new exhaust outlet,  vacuformed windscreen, decals and instructions.

price is $55.00

 I am now taking orders for Lloyd Ruby's 1970 Mongoose. This is a complete kit made up of  resin & metal parts, decals and instructions. Cost is $115.00 U.S. and $125.00 Overseas, payment can be made by Paypal, money order or check, contact me for Paypal info. I plan to ship this kit in May 2015.

 This tire/wheel set  is for the 1965 - 66 Foyt Lotus cars and the 1965 Parnelli Jones Lotus. Price is $15.00

Mid 50's - early 60's roadster tire/wheel set, $15.00

Tire/wheel set for the 1966 team Lotus cars, $15.00

1964 roadster tires by Chris Etzel, Chris created the masters but never produced them, now they are  available! $15.00